Rifle Shooting

shootingTarget Shooting Air Rifles at Squirrel Wood Scout Campsite

Target shooting is, as its name implies, the sport of shooting at artificial targets as opposed to live quarry. It is an international sport, featured at the Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games. The game is about marksmanship skill; the ability to repeatedly place shots in as small an area as possible in the center of the target. Real guns firing real projectiles are used so the activity takes place on appropriately-designed ranges and safety is of prime importance. This focus on safety makes target shooting amongst the safest of all sports and shooting develops in its participants a strong safety culture with a self-disciplined approach to the handling of hazardous objects.

Squirrel Wood provides all the equipment and a trained instructor to tailor the session to the needs of your group.

All Squirrel Wood’s Rifle Instructors are NSRA YPS Air Rifle Instructors.

Target Shooting Scouting Badge Links

Online Scout Manager Activity Link
You can use this link to add the activity directly to your program or event in Online Scout Manager.


Target Shooting can be used as a new sport as part of the Fitness Challenge Badge.


Target Shooting can be used as a new activity as part of the Outdoor Challenge Badge.


Target Shooting can be used to gain the Master at Arms Activity Badge.


Target Shooting can be used as part of the Physical Recreation Activity Badge. It can also be used for the Skill section of your Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Scouting Price £25 per hour.

Other Organisation Price £25 per hour.

A risk assessment is available on request.

To book a target shooting session please fill in the booking form and return it to squirrel wood. To avoid disappointment please book as far in advance as possible.

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