Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing at Squirrel Wood Scout CampsiteAxe Throwing is one of our newest activities at Squirrel Wood Scout Campsite. It is a sport in which the participant throws an axe at a target. It is an event held in many lumberjack competitions and helps to build hand eye coordination.

Axe throwing is suitable for Cubs and above (8 and up). To take part in a session, the leaders should ensure that;

  • All participants have the maturity to take part.
  • All participants are wearing full length trousers.
  • The leader will ensure that all the participants are capable of throwing the axes.  If a participant is not physically capable of throwing an axe, they will not be able to take part in the session for safety reasons.

At Squirrel Wood we have 2 types of throwing axes, throwing angels (also know as small hawks) and Tomahawks. For beginners we suggest that you start off with the throwing angel, this has 3 blades that help improve your chances of getting the axe in the target. You can progress to our tomahawks which have a single blade and provide more of a challenge.

Scout Axe Throwing Fact Sheet 

Scout Axe Throwing FAQ’s

The Scout Association suggest that parents are informed that their child will be taking part in an axe throwing session so they can make an informed decision about their child taking part.

Scouting Badge Links for Axe Throwing

Online Scout Manager Activity Link
You can use this link to add the activity directly to your program or event in Online Scout Manager.


Cub Scout Skills Challenge BadgeAxe throwing can be used as a new sport for the Skills Challenge Badge and as a adventure for the Adventure Challenge Badge for Cubs.


Cub Scout Skills Challenge BadgeAxe throwing can be used as a adventure for the Adventure Challenge Badge and if done over a period of time can be used as a activity for the Master at Arms Badge.


Duke of EdinburghExplorers can use Axe Throwing as a physical activity towards their Duke of Edinburgh award.


Scouting Price £25 per hour.

Other Organisation Price £25 per hour.

A risk assessment is available on request.

To book a session please fill in the booking form and return it to squirrel wood. To avoid disappointment please book as far in advance as possible.

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