Squirrel Wood Camp Shop

Squirrel Wood Camp Shop

Squirrel Wood Camp Shop

Squirrel Wood Camp Shop

Squirrel Wood has a Camp Shop available on site. The shop sells lots of items such as;

Blanket Badges Para-cord Bracelets Woggles
Sweets Drinks Ice Cream
Walking Sticks Toys and Teddies Novelties

and much more…

The shop stocks lots of ‘pocket money’ items with bags of sweets starting from 20p drinks starting from 25p and ice creams from 60p. We have blanket badges starting at 80p and a number of toys starting from £1.

Please note: The camp shop is what keeps our prices low and as such we do not allow private tuck shops, see our code of conduct for more information

Camp Items

If you need the basics (bread, milk, etc.) please let us know and we will ensure that they are available for you.

Hand Crafted Items

The Squirrel Wood Service Crew have hand crafted a number of items in the Camp Shop including;

  • Para-cord Bracelets
  • Key rings
  • Walking Sticks
  • Woggles
Para cord Items from Squirrel Wood Camp Shop

Hand Crafted Para Cord Items

Other Items

The camp shop does not sell uniforms, books and scarves, however, we do recommend The Scout and Guide Shop

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