Code of Conduct

Scout signSquirrel Wood Scout Campsite has implemented the following code of conduct to improve the enjoyment of the site for all users.

This code of conduct is due for review in 2015


  1. The campsite, buildings and equipment are for the benefit of all users and no building, area, piece of equipment will be held specifically for the use of any individual or group, with the exception of the Lodge when hired.
  2. All Group Leaders / Representatives should report to reception upon arrival with their “Emergency Sheets” and “Adult Registration” form and again 30 minutes before departure to request a site inspection or building handover.
  3. Groups are requested to inform the Duty Warden if they are leaving site for off site activities and of their time of return, during their stay.
  4. All accounts must be settled prior to departure.
  5. Weekend access to the site is from 17:00 hrs on Friday to 16:00 hrs on Sunday. Please note access before or after these times must be arranged prior to attending camp and may incur an additional charge.
  6. Security:
    1. In view of the sites isolation, normal security precautions must be taken when camping. All equipment and personal belongings are on site at owner’s risk.
    2. All site users are asked to wear group neckerchiefs or other means of identification during their stay, people onsite without identification may be asked to leave.
  7.  Noise:
    1. Band instruments, radios etc. may be played provided noise is not a nuisance to other campers.
    2. All campers/site users are requested to consider others and refrain from excessive noise between 23:00 hrs and 07:30 hrs.
  8. Guns of any description are not allowed in the wood, with exception to Campsite air rifles used under strict instruction in dedicated range.
  9. Leaders’ dogs are to be on a lead and under full control at all times, and any mess cleaned up immediately.
  10. The consumption of any recreational drug is not permitted.
  11. Alcohol or Smoking:
    1. The sale of alcohol is not permitted.
    2. The consumption of alcohol is permitted in moderation and only within the area of the group’s specific site and not in the presence of any under age members.
    3. Anyone found to be drunk or groups with no responsible adult to cover duty of care requirements will be excluded.
    4. Under the “The Smoke free (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations 2006” it is against the law to smoke in enclosed public places and workplaces. This includes marquees and tents at camps or activities. Adults wishing to smoke should set themselves aside a designated smoking area that is not enclosed and preferably out of site of influential underage members.
  12. No private tuck shops allowed.


  1. At all times, please understand that the tracks and turning area is needed for the Emergency Services to use in an emergency.
  2. The campsite speed limits must be observed at all times, 10 mph on main driveway and 5 mph in all other locations.
  3. No Vehicles will be allowed onto the camping areas or parked on the side of any tracks and entrance gates with exception of unloading/loading of essential camp equipment but NOT personal kit.
  4. All trailers will have to be manhandled on to sites as we have a policy of no vehicular access, should assistance be required, the site Land Rover, driven by designated staff, may pull trailers onto grassed areas.
  5. Parking arrangements maybe implemented by the Duty Warden at short notice, please follow any instructions given. Cars must be parked in the car parks.

Camping Areas

  1. Site requests will be given on a first come first served basis, if however due to weather or other activity requirements, staff have the right to alter this provision at short notice.
  2. Fires:
    1. Altar fires are provided and these must be used if cooking on wood or for backwoods cooking.
    2. No Trench Fires are allowed on sites, use and the location of use will be at Duty Wardens discretion.
    3. Un-burnt wood should be returned into the wood or the designated woodpile and not left on site edges or against the alter fires.
    4. Fires must be fully extinguished before leaving and any ash removed from the alter fire.
    5. All grills or portable alter fires used must be returned to the storage area.
  3. All rubbish must be burnt as far as possible. All un-burnt rubbish must be bagged and placed in the large bin provided.
  4.  Wet pits must be dug on the perimeter of the site, near the ditches if possible, filled in, and marked appropriately on leaving. It is preferred that other provision should be made.
  5. Generators:
    1. Generators are allowed with adequate storage of flammable fuels, all lighting to be adequate and safe.
    2. Generators must be turned off at 23:00 hrs.
  6. Periodic inspections of the sites will be carried out by camp staff, any requests should be followed to ensure a safe, clean and friendly environment. There will also be the handover inspection prior to leaving.
  7. All camping will be in accordance with the Camping Standards of the Scout Association.
  8. The toilet block is not for the washing of camping utensils or clothing / footwear; site users should ensure their own provision for this.
  9. The toilet block is provided with lighting throughout the night and is not to be used as a meeting place or venue for any activity other than what is was designed.


  1. No felling, cutting or marking of trees is permitted.
  2. No saws or axes are permitted in the wooded area.
  3. No chainsaws are permitted to be used on site with exception of staff members with appropriate permit.
  4. Removal of deadwood from trees is permitted with appropriate equipment and adequate adult supervision.
  5. Any bashers, shelters erected in the wooded area should be dismantled and the area returned to its original state.


  1. If the lodge is used, all equipment must be left in a clean condition.
  2. Toilets, bedrooms and kitchen must be cleaned and the building swept out. Please leave it, as you would hope to find it.

Accidents Happen

All accidents must be reported to the Duty Warden, with an accident report completed before departure.
The site has limited first aid facilities and groups are expected to make their own provision.
Doncaster has an Accident and Emergency unit a few miles from the campsite (directions are available from reception or camp staff).


  1. No equipment may be left on site prior to or after your camp, except by prior arrangement.
  2. All site equipment is to be returned to its collection point and stored in a reasonable condition or as instructed by the camp staff.

All Campers and Visitors are requested not to leave litter of any kind,
but to keep the site clean, attractive and safe for everyone.
These rules are intended to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all site users.
Serious breaches may lead to exclusion.

Squirrel Wood: